InfoSec privacy links October 23, 2014

How to restore privacy - fix macosx

It appears that Apple's Spotlight app, which helps search for various items, on Max OS X Yosemite devices sends your search data to Apple. This website will show you how to disable the features that send this information. I went ahead and disabled everything, because I don't use Spotlight. For more information click here. To open Spotlight, simply swipe down on the home screen.

Bahraini Activists Hacked by Their Government Go After UK Spyware Maker - Kim Zetter - WIRED

Not long after the phantom Facebook messages, Ali discovered spyware on his computer—a powerful government surveillance tool called FinFisher made by the UK firm Gamma International. Human rights groups and technologists have long criticized Gamma International and the Italian firm Hacking Team for selling surveillance technology to repressive regimes, who use the tools to target political dissidents and human rights activists. Both companies say they sell their surveillance software only to law enforcement and intelligence agencies but that they won’t sell their software to every government. Gamma has, in fact, denied selling its tool to Bahrain, which has a long history of imprisoning and torturing political dissidents and human rights activists.

More Crypto Wars II - Bruce Schneier - Schneier on Security

I'm not sure why he believes he can have a technological means of access that somehow only works for people of the correct morality with the proper legal documents, but he seems to believe that's possible. As Jeffrey Vagle and Matt Blaze point out, there's no technical difference between Comey's "front door" and a "back door."