Soundscapes: baseball, a walk to work, and trains

Last December I bought my self a Zoom H4n, a portable recording device. I primarily wanted it so that I could record podcast episodes on the go. What I've found, though, is that it's great for collecting sound for soundscapes.

I made this while I was at Spring Training in March.

I have several more minutes of sound than what is presented hear. I wanted to keep the track relatively short while still getting in all the interesting sounds I wanted, so it is an edited soundscape, though, I would be very impressed if you could tell where all the cuts are.

A few weeks ago I made another soundscape as part of a project for my sound design class.

That's my walk into work. This is unedited.

Finally, this is one from my MART 110 class at the University of South Carolina a few semesters ago.

We were supposed to create a soundscape that attempted to elicit some emotion from the listener. The basis for this was from the movie The Shining which has some pretty killer sound work. The one scene that kept sticking in my head while working on this project was when Wendy was pushing the cart through the hotel. That scene reminded me of trains, so I decided to find some train sounds that I could edit together.

Subway sounds are some of the most unsettling eerie sounds and those are the sounds i eventually settled on.

I have audio for two more soundscapes that I plan to release. One is from a class final and the other is from a baseball game that had a heckler.