Out of office

With the semester winding down and my stress levels rising, I have decided to take a break from putting content on the site temporarily. My Spanish 122 course is the biggest reason why. I was able to place into the third Spanish class I needed to graduate. While that is a huge accomplishment for me when taking into consideration that I took German in high school and knew close to zero Spanish before the Summer, I have realized I have a lot of work to do to pass this class.

To get the time in while still maintaining my sanity I have decided to drop a few items I've been working on. This site being one of them. The reading, listening and writing portion of my exit takes place before Thanksgiving and the oral part of my exit exam takes place after Thanksgiving. Which means the month of November will be void of little if any content. I will get back to posting content in early December. Until then I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!