A breach is not a 'hack'

On Saturday my wife burst into my our game room to tell me that South Carolina suffered another breach. It was all over Facebook via WLTX. Here's the headline:

Another Hack; More South Carolinians Potentially at Risk - by WLTX


Aside from the salacious headline, the article doesn't tell you anything. This passes for news? My gosh. No wonder local media outlets are struggling. They're essentially tabloids.

Yes, Experian has had a BREACH of their customer data. It wasn't a 'hack' per se. Instead Experian bought out a data brokerage firm, which sells and buys people's personal information, called Court Ventures. The BREACH occurred when a Vietnamese identity theft ring was posing as a private investigative service purchasing personally identifiable information (PII) from Court Ventures. Essentially, once Court Ventures was bought out by Experian, and Experian didn't vet Court Ventures processes or clients, the Vietnamese identity theft ring got access to Experian's customer data.

I would highly recommend the link below if you want more details on the BREACH. This isn't just South Carolinians PII this is all Experian customers PII.

Experian ID Theft Exposed 200M Consumer Records - Matthew J. Schwartz - Dark Reading

This is just another example of why I don't get my new from local media outlets.