InfoSec Links April 9, 2014

Microsoft: Let's be clear, WE won't read your email - but the cops will - Lain Thomson - The Register

Note to self: don't use Hotmail to distribute pirated copies of Windows 8.

The Heartbleed Bug, explained - Timothy B. Lee - Vox

I good explanation of the OpenSSL bug that has rocked the infosec world the past couple days. This is a pretty serious bug that puts millions of sites at risk and potentially your information such as passwords. Unfortunately, there's really nothing you can do about it except hope that the sites you have accounts on apply the patch that fixes the bug ASAP. Most big sites have probably already done it.

Xbox password flaw exposed by five-year-old boy - BBC

Five-year-old wants to get into his dads Xbox account. What does he do? Find a vulnerability in Microsoft's Xbox Live, thus starting his illustrious hacking career. It's not the least bit surprising that his dad works in security.