InfoSec links May 27, 2014

Hackers now crave patches, and Microsoft's giving them just what they want - Gregg Keizer - Computer World

Criminals are using Windows 7 patches to try and figure out vulnerabilities in Windows XP.  According to the article, "By conducting before- and after-patch code comparisons, attackers may be able to figure out where a vulnerability lies in Windows 7 -- which will be patched -- then sniff around the same part of XP's code until they discover the bug there." Just another reason to get off Windows XP.

CBS picks up 'CSI: Cyber' with Patricia Arquette - Scott Collins - LA Times

I used to watch a lot of CSI: Las Vegas. After several seasons, though, I realized it was the same episode with slightly different variations. This looks interesting enough that I might just check it out. My expectations for an accuracy and/or entertainment quite low. Still, it could be used to give the masses a small peak into the electronic "battlefield" and might even make for a good jumping off point for infosec professionals to teach the uninitiated.

Meet the Zberp Trojan - Dana Tamir - Security Intelligence

New malware has been discovered. According to Trusteer researchers the new malware combines the Zeus and Carberp Trojans, hence the name Zberp.