InfoSec links May 28, 2014

Fitness apps are a "privacy nightmare," shedding personal data to the highest bidder - Lisa Vaas - Naked Security

Information can be a powerful thing. Fitness apps can give you detailed information about your training, that allows you to structure workouts better, but you might not be the only one getting that information. You're also giving that information to the apps, and then the question becomes what are they doing with that information. Information is a powerful, and profitable thing.

Comey: FBI 'Grappling' With Hiring Policy Concerning Marijuana - Charles Levinson - The Wall Street Journal

The FBI needs smart and talented people to help battle the ever increasing population of cyber criminals.  The problem for the FBI is that due to their drug policy they eliminate a large pool of those smart and talented people. FBI Director, James Comey, has recognized this and is looking at possibly changing some of the FBI's policy in regards to marijuana use.

Worst Day for eBay, Multiple Flaws leave Millions of Users vulnerable to Hackers - Mohit Kumar - The Hacker News

eBay has had a rough go of it recently (if you have an eBay account and have no idea what I'm talking about you might want to go change your eBay account password, immediately).  They've not only bungled the handling of their breach, but apparently there are still a few vulnerabilities live that can still get their systems compromised. This article is from Friday, May 23, 2014, so the vulnerabilities may have been fixed by now,.