MLB Podcast Removal Links May 8, 2014

So in case you missed it Wednesday, the MLB sent a notice to Apple that several podcasts in the iTunes store had infringed upon it's trademark. Which prompted Apple to remove them for the iTunes podcast directory. This led to several high profile podcasts being taken out of iTunes because of minor infractions that included team names in the subtitle and/or thumbnail images.

MLB Is Urging iTunes To Pull Team-Related Podcasts (Update) - Joe Lucia - Awful Annoucning

This was the first article I saw on MLB taking down baseball related podcasts from iTunes. It has several of the names affected by MLB's copyright infringement request. An update shows that Apple may have taken it further than MLB "wanted."

A bunch of baseball-related podcasts were removed from iTunes. Why? - Craig Calcaterra - Hardball Talk

This was the second article I saw, with more details on MLB's response. The same response is in the first link.

Advice: Listening to Baseball Podcasts After 5/6/2014 - David G. Temple - NotGraphs

Some pretty good advice from good buddy David G. Temple on how to listen to your favorite podcasts without iTunes.