MLB podcast removal aftermath links May 12, 2014

Link-O-Rama - Aaron Gleeman -

It looks like the podcasts taken down (or at least Aaron Gleeman's podcast) have been put back onto iTunes. The podcast takedown by MLB got some play on Keith Olbermann's show on ESPN2.

MLB gets baseball podcasts dropped from iTunes. Maybe. - Mike Bates - SB Nation

I'll let the opening two lines do the talking:

The first rule about Major League Baseball, apparently, is you don't talk about Major League Baseball. At least not unless you have the express written permission of Major League Baseball.

Your podcast could be (or was) removed from iTunes for trademark violation - Daniel J. Lewis - The Audacity to Podcast

There is another side to this whole podcast removal episode. As nit picky as it is MLB was within their right to notify Apple of trademark violations. It's still not right, but here's some advice on how not to get your podcast taken down on iTunes for trademark violations.