InfoSec links June 12, 2014

Striking similarities between a WoW raid team and an infosec team - Tripwire - The State of Security

If you’re not a gamer or hate World of Warcraft (WoW), then go ahead and pass on this article. It talks about how a WoW raid team has different roles, responsibilities and skill sets to make a successful raid run. Those same ideas and concepts can be applied to a infosec team which requires different roles, responsibilities and skill sets to accomplish its objective of securing the business. I primarily played a healer on my WoW raid teams and I think I could make a case I’ve done the same thing in information security.

Flash Poll: The Hunt For Cyber Talent - Marilyn Cohodas - Dark Reading

Information security professionals are at a premium right now. Companies are struggling to find not only security professionals, but the right security professionals with the right skillsets and at the right price to secure an environment. I’ve seen this within organizations. While it’s frustrating from a day to day operation standpoint, finding the right people and the right amount of people; I’m actually starting to see some personal career benefit.

InfoSec Conferences - Client Side Vs Server Side - Javvad Malik - J4vv4d

Javvad gives some great tips on going to security conference. If you’re in information security or trying to get into the field, one of the best things you can do for your career is attend security conference. They’re all over the place and take place throughout the year. In the last month I’ve been to two and in about a week and half I plan to go to another one. It’s a great place to learn and explore as well as make connections within the infosec community. Javvad’s final suggestion is to make content, which I’ve begun doing. You can check that stuff out in my photography section under media.