InfoSec links June 19, 2014

iOS 8 to stymie trackers and marketers with MAC address randomization - Lee Hutchinson - ars technica

The good: MAC address randomization when looking for a WiFi sounds fantastic.

The bad: This looks like a business move, which forces companies to use iBeacon. iBeacon (or as I like to call it, iBacon) is a "location-based service that can be used to track users and issue alerts (or ads) to iOS device." Essentially, it's a business move for Apple.

Why the iOS 'Limit Ad Tracking' setting is more important than ever - Jason D. O'Grady - ZDNet

In my search for more information on MAC address randomization, I discovered the setting in the above link. The setting is believed to add a little more privacy to your iOS devices.

Designers create a Faraday-cage cloak to foil NSA, other spies - Casey Johnston - ars technica

I love this. Not only cause it's privacy clothing, but because I would be a hat and a staff away from looking like a wizard. On a more serious note, this is awesome because it's one step closer to feasible clothing that protects your privacy.