WiFi Infosec links July 2, 2014

Bad Guys are Watching You (via insecure Wi-Fi) - Stefan Tanase - Kaspersky Lab Daily

WiFi security is really bad. I would be wary of joining any WiFi network out in public. Especially if it says free, and even more so if you were heading to Sao Paulo for the World Cup. The gist of the article here is that WiFi networks have bad security and so do apps.

And the World Cup Security Centre's WiFi password is... - Graham Cluley - GrahamCluley.com

Dear organizations,

When you bring a photographer and a media person who is going to communicate to the public, please. PLEASE! Be very consciousness about what's around you.



"Free" Wi-Fi from Xfinity and AT&T also frees you to be hacked - Sean Gallagher - ars technica

What this world really needs is WiFi everywhere, because it's proven to be a secure way to communicate with the internet. Oh wait... This is a good article that goes into more technical detail and how you device can be pwned connecting to a public WiFi network.