InfoSec links July 18, 2014

It Is Idiotic To Hand Out Your Twitter Password to Prove Passwords Are Dead - Kashmir Hill - Forbes

How a journalist distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) his account in one easy step. He tweeted out his Twitter password with two-factor authentication on. He wanted to prove that two-factor authentication was a fantastic security measure. To my knowledge no one has gotten into his Twitter account yet, however, he has had to switch phone numbers.

Project Zero - A Team of Star-Hackers Hired by Google to Protect the Internet - Mohit Kumar - The Hacker News

I can’t help but get a little giddy about this. Sounds very Avengers like and a new way to think about information security. I have on my board at work “Hunt Teams,” which is an idea I heard on a podcast. The team essentially tries to prove that the organization hasn’t been hacked yet.

Meet Google's Security Princess - Clare Malone - Elle

A wonderful read on Google’s Security Princess (her title choice) Parisa Tabriz. She’s the hacker hired by Google to break into Google. The article talks about her background and rise to a security manager of 30 people at Google. It’s Friday, take about 15 minutes through this article. You won’t be disappointed.