Public infosec links July 21, 2014

How to remove your house from Google Street View - Graham Cluley - welivesecurity

Google is mapping the world, which does come with privacy concerns. However, there is a way for someone to request that their home be blurred on Google Maps street view.

The Rise of Thin, Mini and Insert Skimmers - Brian Krebs - Krebs on Security

There are devices that can be attached to an ATM that can grab your credit card information and pin number. The stuff is meant to look like it’s part of the ATM. If you can wiggle something loose at an ATM it’s probably not meant to be there. Look for anything that appears to be out of place on an ATM.

Beware Keyloggers at Hotel Business Centers - Brian Krebs - Krebs on Security

Malware on a public machine is not all that surprising. Using a public computer for personal accounts is never a good idea. I would recommend avoiding public computers all together, but if you must I would be very careful what information you access on that machine.