Bruce Schneier infosec inception links July 8, 2014

Could Keith Alexander's Advice Possibly Be Worth $600K a Month? - Bruce Schneier - Schneier on Security

What does being the head of the National Security Agency (NSA) get you in retirement? A 600K asking price for security advice. And probably for good reason. Think of all the classified knowledge he has that could help an organization become secure.

NSA Targets the Privacy-Conscious for Surveillance - Bruce Schneier - Schneier on Security

If you use Tor, Tails or other privacy/anonymous types of sites and tools (or read BoingBoing), you’re likely being targeted for monitoring by the NSA.

NSA Employee Flees to Hong Kong -- You won't Believe What Happens Next - Bruce Schneier - Schneier on Security

Another batch of NSA documents have hit the media:

90% of the individuals eavesdropped on were not the targets of the surveillance.

What does the NSA do with the data once they’ve determined it’s unnecessary? Keep it.