InfoSec scam links July 9, 2014

Phishy Steam Guard File Steals SSFN - Christopher Boyd - Malwarebytes Unpacked

If you buy stuff from another user on the Steam store be very aware of who you are buying from. Also, if they ask you to install something, don’t do it.

"Tracy Morgan Is Dead" Fake Video in Circulation - Christopher Boyd - Malwarebytes Unpacked

Scammers aren’t just waiting for big news to happen; they’re starting to make their own news in an effort to get you install malware. As the article says, stick to high reputable news sources for stories like these.

Heroes of the Storm Beta Keygen: A Wizard Did It - Christopher Boyd - Malwarebytes Unpacked

Getting into beta is a wonderful feeling. I’ve been lucky enough to get into a few beta programs for games that had yet to be released. Heroes of the Storm is another highly anticipated game that has started a beta program. You can sign up on their official site. Any other site claiming to have keys is likely a scam.