Def Con links August 18, 2014

Hackers Unveil Their Plan to Change Email Forever - Denver Nicks - Time

Jon Callas, chief technology officer of Silent Circle and a co-founder of the Dark Mail project, told TIME that “the biggest problem we have today with email is that it was designed in the early 1970s and it was not designed for the problems we have today. Even the standard email encryption that we have today protects the content but not the metadata.”

You cannot 'cyberhijack' an airplane, but you can create mischief - Adam Greenberg - SC Magazine

Ultimately, airlines are very safe, Polstra said, but he added that nearly every protocol used in aviation is unsecured – meaning no encryption – and that there is potential to annoy air traffic control and small aircraft.

Founder of America's Biggest Hacker Conference: 'We Understand the Threat Now' - Denver Nicks - Time

Nothing changed before or after Snowden’s revelations. The security researchers knew that of course that’s what the NSA or any government can do. If you talked to the hackers last year it was like, “Of course you can do that. I’ve been doing that for 10 years.” But now that it’s sunken in at a more policy level you can have the conversation. Before you would say something to your parents and they’d be like, “Oh hahaha. You’re paranoid.” Next thing you know your parents are like, “Oh my God. You were not crazy. You’re not my paranoid son.” Now we’re at a place where people can relate and that’s a much more healthy place for us to be.