InfoSec links September 4, 2014

Aaron's Law Is Doomed Leaving US Hacking Law 'Broken' - Thomas Brewster - Forbes

There are various reasons for the impasse. One is that the plans simply haven’t elicited much interest from lawmakers or the general public, said Orin Kerr, professor of law at the George Washington University Law School. “This reform only captured the attention of a small group of people. It’s not an issue that resonates with the public – at least yet,” Kerr told me.

Privacy Under Fire: Aaron Sorkin Saw It Coming In 1999 - Bill Brenner - Liquidmatrix

In the episode, Bartlet has nominated a man for the Supreme Court whose writings suggest a lack of regard for Americans’ right to privacy. During a heated Oval Office discussion, presidential advisor Sam Seaborn explains why their candidate’s views will be dangerous in the first part of the 21st century.

These 3-D Printer Skeleton Keys Can Pick High-Security Locks in Seconds - Andy Greenberg

Even so, bump keys have long been tough to create for high security locks that use obscure, complex key blanks. Many lock makers carefully trademark or patent their key blank designs and prevent them from being sold to anyone outside a small group of verified customers. But with the advent of 3D printing, those restrictions can’t stop lockpickers from 3D printing their own blanks and filing them into bump keys—or simply printing bump keys with their teeth already aligned with a lock’s pins. In this video, Holler demonstrates a 3D-printed and filed bump key for an Ikon SK6, a key that uses restricted, carefully contorted blanks that can’t even be created by many key-milling machines.