Terrifying 'Hacker Summercamp' links August 7, 2014

BSides Las Vegas - Incidents happen, react and learn from them - Dan Raywood - IT Security Guru

Adam Shostack opened the BSides Las Vegas conference with a talk titled "Beyond good and evil." The gist of the talk is to be more open about incidents that occur within the organization. The idea is that the transparency will not only benefit the breached but also those looking to learn from a breach.

Black Hat 2014 and Media Fud - Bill Brenner - Liquidmatrix

Read this and you'll understand why I the word 'terrifying' led the title of this post.

CIA Insider: U.S. Should Buy All Security Exploits, Then Disclose Them - Kim Zetter - WIRED

In the opening keynote at Black Hat, Dan Greer suggested, among other things, that the U.S. government buy up all the zero-day vulnerabilities and release them to the public. This would allow companies to close a lot of vulnerabilities in their software and applications. I like the idea, I just don't think we'll ever see it happen.