Media arts internship January 26, 2015

I edited the second hour of the podcast special recorded Saturday. I also put together posts for the Tuesday and Wednesday release of the first and second hour of the special. I also put together the live post for the podcast recording tonight and updated the podcast show notes. I also found some time to finish grabbing the information I needed for the Top 30 infographic I plan to start work on soon.

An hour prior to the live podcast recording I started setting up my equipment and reading up on a few of the transactions we planned to cover in our show. We recorded our show and then I wrapped up a few things for the Tuesday release of the first hour of our Top 30 podcast special. The XML file for our RSS feed needed to be edited and upload it to the FTP server so the podcast directories could pull the new release information. I also uploaded the first and second hour of the special. The site I use for hosting had been down for a good part of the day, which is why I was uploading the content so late. Usually, that’s something I do when I finish editing.

I'm going to be honest here: I am pretty worn out from the weekend.