Media arts internship January 27, 2015

Tonight I edited and uploaded the third and final hour of audio for our TCB Top 30 Astros Prospect special. I also updated the RSS feed with the information for the second hour, which will release Wednesday. I then started the graphics work on my infographic for our Top 30. This is what I have so far:

I am using a gradient for the background. It starts orange at the top and shifts to blue at the bottom. I added a texture to the background at the suggestion of the graphics artist on staff Ryan Dunsmore. I used a picture of some ground at the Astros Spring Training that my daughter took while we were there last year. I had to duplicate it to get it the full length of the infographic and then drop the opacity. Now that I have the design I just need to fill in the other 24 names, which I plan to work on Wednesday.