The only thing I'm going to say about the Sony mess

I had a long list of links that I was going to use to put together a longform post about the Sony hack titled, "The massive Sony link dump." I am currently in the process of re-evaluating my priorities and what I want to do with my time in regards to this site. A massive post about Sony lost its luster pretty early in the process and was thus axed in the face. In its place I have something much more fun.


The guys over at Data Driven Security, who have a wonderful podcast and were recently guests on the PVC Security Podcast (Episode 7 and 9) I produce, put together a site that finally solves the Sony attribution problem. If you don't like that attribution simply refresh the page and you get a new one. It's called the Sony Hack Attribution generator and it's utterly fantastic!

Give it a whirl or two or 50.