The Martian, quick thoughts

I've been talking about The Martian for months now. I've been patiently (and excitedly) waiting for the movie and I finally got to see it last weekend. It's an excellent movie that does a really good job of remaining true to the book.

I took my wife to the movie and she thought it was a good movie, which bodes well for all the married gentlemen out there. The movie is thrilling from a problem solving perspective, but it's also funny and smart and highly entertaining. My one gripe with the movie was the climax, which deviated from the book and felt like a Hollywood executive shouting, "MOAR OVER THE TOP!" I think there was also a desire to make the climax more 3D appealing, which it probably was had I seen it in 3D. It's minor and only decreases from the movie because I've read the book.

I would love your thoughts on the movie in the comments below. If you haven't seen the movie, what are you waiting for?