Media arts internship February 16, 2015

I edited the podcast we recorded last night and created the post for the episode, which is scheduled for its typical Tuesday morning release. I also started prep for next week’s episode. Today Baseball Prospectus came out with its organizational rankings and the Astros were farther down on the list than most of us expected, which makes for some potentially good content on the next recording. I also had to schedule another co-host because one of mine wasn’t sure if he would be able to make it next Sunday.

I then created and scheduled the post for Friday for our Spring Training infographic. Then I began work on refreshing a graphic for our minor league content. Here’s what we had as just a general graphic for use:

I created this graphic a few years ago so it’s due for a remake. I’d like to keep the bus, but I might have to ditch it entirely. I really like what I’m doing with backgrounds of the images I’m creating, but I think the letters and the display of those letters needs to be better. I’m going to see if I can improve that for my next graphic. The infographics seem to be coming together nicely so far; the graphics on the other hand are a bit frustrating to work with.