Media arts internship February 22, 2015

Created the podcast live recording post and spent time preparing for the live podcast recording. As part of my preparation I decided to add a new segment to the show. My original idea for the podcast, many, many episodes ago was for the podcast format to be Astros fans hanging around having a couple beers. It’s become a bit more structured than that and I’ve had a hard time accepting that fact. I think I may have finally given into the structured format, because I decided to add a talking sabermetrics type of segment where we talk about a sabermetric or analytical topic, concept, or term and explain it in layman terms.

The recording itself went well, which is not something I typically thing, but I think because Spring Training has officially started and we have baseball topics to discuss and that’s bring some extra energy to the show. I really liked it.

I also created two more posts aggregating tweets that included media type of content.

Astros Spring Training workouts part 1

Astros Spring Training workouts part 2

Finally, I decided to get a head start on updating the March Madness bracket and I’ve decided to add vote totals to each matchup.