Media arts internship February 3, 2015

The managing editor of the site, David Coleman, finished listening to our Top 30 prospect special and sent myself and Brooks Parkers, one of the co-hosts of the show. We discussed tone and format in the email and have decided to make a few changes next year. I also got feedback from a listener that I took into consideration and responded to. It was positive and constructive feedback. He enjoyed the show overall, but would have liked us to give a short description on each player. The Astros have made a lot of trades the past few years. Throw in the draft and there are a lot of new faces making their way to the minor league club. A short description would have been helpful. I added that feedback to our notes so that we would remember it for next year.

Along with that we’re looking at restricting the people who focuses on the minor leagues throughout the season and have certain exceptions as long as the meet a certain criteria. One of the thing that seemed to come out of the podcast feedback which we got not only via email but through social media, was that we seemed to be down on guys that were ranked higher than the collective group. To address that we’re going to limit who grades prospects in the future.