Media arts internship February 7, 2015

Worked on the post for offseason transaction flowchart post. After I finished the infographic I had sent it to the listserv for feedback. I figured the gaming reference would be lost by most, which is fine because it’s not necessary to understand the graphic. What I didn’t realize was that some didn’t get the John Madden reference or thought I meant Joe Madden, who is the current major league manager for the Chicago Cubs. In the post I tried to account for those references. I also wrote up a statistics and facts section to go along with the flowchart that I realized I should probably put on the infographic at the bottom. I am currently traveling so I will have to do that when I get home. I also might throw some other graphics onto flowchart next to the names of players. Currently I have one image of the Astros GM at the top and four for the players acquired this offseason. The astros acquired a total of 10 players this offseason. I was going to schedule for Tuesday but I’ll have to push that back to Thursday or Friday.

While browsing social media I found a tweet that was worth a FanShot on our site. A FanShot is a short post meant to highlight an interesting link, video, social media post or other form of media quickly. They don’t take long to setup and can sometimes bring in some decent traffic to the site.

I then continued my work on the Spring Training Astros roster. I had to increase the canvas size a few times to get the space right for all the names and words. I added some color to the graphic in sections. I then had a discussion with our graphics artists on the site, Ryan, about it and asked him for feedback. He suggested giving it a spreadsheet texture. I went and screenshotted a spreadsheet from Google Docs and put that unders the names and words, but over the colors and background. I then lowered the opacity so the color could come through. Ryan had also suggested to drop the intensity of the color, which the spreadsheet texture did for me. Overall I’m happy with the progress, but I’ll need to break out the names individually. I had them in sections, but to make them fit on the spreadsheet correctly I need to break them out individually. This will also allow me to more easily dim the words when a player is removed from the Spring Training roster. I intend to have all the names start with a drop shadow, and the take that effect away and drop the opacity, when a player is taken off the roster.

Here's the first version:

Here's the second version: