Media arts internship February 8, 2015

I finished the Spring Training roster graphic:

I still need to go back and make sure that all the names are spelled correctly and make sure everything is aligned correctly.

I also updated the bracket graphic we use for our March Madness series that runs through Spring Training. It’s a fun event that helps our community get through Spring Training, while learning a little bit about each player. We have two players faceoff against each by reader vote. The player with the most votes after a 24-hour period advances to the next round. I’ve run it the last two years, but handed it off to someone else this year so that I could focus on my media arts internship. However, I’ll be doing the graphics for the event. That includes updating the graphic and creating the images for use with the posts.

The bracket is the first thing that needs to be done, because it gives us the matchups for the posts. This year I decided to seed them by last years results and sprinkle all the new acquisitions into the bracket. Because I was using the graphic from last year all I had to do was click on each spot and type in the new name for that spot. I then had to get the dates for each round and update them at the top.

I of course need to go back through this one as well and tighten up alignment and any fix any spelling errors.