Media arts internship February 9, 2015

I finalized the graphics for both the Spring Training roster and March Madness bracket I created. There are a lot of names on the graphics so I wanted to make sure the alignment was good and that all the player’s names were spelled correctly. I spoke logistics with our graphics designed about the other march madness graphics and some other things. I decided we needed a priority list for graphics so that we had some sort of structure and a way to prioritize what needed to be done.

This will help me identify what I need to be working on and in the event that I’m waiting on something, what I can be working on next. It also helps me map out the next month or so and give me deadlines for getting stuff done. The TBD items are ideas of projects I’d like to do, but don’t have a pressing need to get done.

Finally, I put together our show notes for the next podcast which we have scheduled to record this Sunday. I simply copy the old notes in Google Docs, change the dates and take out all the previous topics, put in new topics and then share with my co-hosts. I also sometimes go to social media for questions and topic ideas from our listenership. We’re going to go back to a weekly schedule starting this week so the questions will be a big help to fill the time.