Media arts internship March 13 - 15, 2015

Brooks and I traveled to Kissimmee, Florida, to get some content for the website. On Friday I shot 1230 pictures and started the process of organizing the pictures I shot. I found with the Canon T3i that I had checked out from media services that I needed a special plugin to view the pictures properly in Adobe Bridge. Once I got that installed I started sorting the pictures I wanted to use from the ones that I would not use. I ended up taking so many pictures because I was burst shooting a lot of the action happening at Astros Spring Training. While this filled up my 32GB card quickly, it allowed me to decide on the best action shot for the site.

One of the challenges of shooting pictures and even video at the Astros backfields is getting good angles for shots. We couldn’t go directly on the field so had to shoot through chain link fences, when the players were on the field. Luckily, the players have to traverse the same paths that we do and so going station to station allowed for some cleaner shots of the players. The time of day also caused some issues with getting good shots that properly lit players, because we were limited on angles and where we could shoot from. We made due though.

Friday evening, we recorded our first of two podcast sessions that ran about 45 minutes long.

Saturday we went back to the backfields to shoot some more pictures. The practice ended around noon, which was earlier than we expected, but did allow me to get further along in my sorting of the pictures. I shot another 300+ pictures on Saturday, bringing the total between the two days up to about 1500+ pictures. In the evening we went to the Braves Spring Training facility to watch the major league teams face off in a Spring Training game. This gives us an opportunity to evaluate the players in real game environments, to use for writing and podcast content. Along with pictures I recorded some audio that I planned to use for a soundscape. After the game we recorded another podcast about 30 mins long. I thought about releasing the podcast in parts, but decided it would be better to just keep it all one podcast.

Sunday, we had another major league Spring Training game to go to. I shot about another 300 pictures and, again, recorded some audio.