BSides Nashville video project


I will be traveling to Nashville, TN, to attend BSides this weekend. For the second year in a row I will be running around the conference taking pictures. I'll also be shooting video this year, as part of my final project for a cinematography course I'm doing.

The idea is that I want to show hackers in a more positive light via a documentary style. The project is only required to be a few minutes long, so I won't need a ton of footage. I would like to setup some interviews before hand with some people to ask them what the term, "hacker" means to them. I also want to setup some interactions to shoot highlight some of the words people use in their interview. For example, words like family or community, I can use shots of people hugging, high-fiving, etc. Curiosity and a desire to learn I can use lock picking and shots of people in talks.

This is going to be a very fluid thing so I'd love to get the interviews done, then move onto getting shots of the conference. If anyone would be willing to help me with either item, I would very much appreciate it. Email me at timothy.deblock[at]gmail[dot]com.