The Martian: A Fantastic Novel and now a Matt Damon movie

The Martian: A Novel is a book written by Andy Weir that has been turned into a movie set to release this November. The book is about an astronaut in the near future who gets left behind on Mars. He must learn to survive Mars' harsh environment while waiting for a rescue that could take years. The format is in the form of a journal logged by a character who deals with high stress situations by using humor, that is quite entertaining.

I first heard about the book on Adam Savage's podcast Still Untitled, I read it in February, and now I'm giddy after watching the trailer today.

There's also this video, which I found yesterday, giving a small peak into some of the humor from the book that I expect to get translated into the movie:

The movie isn't without its suspense and drama as Whatney, Matt Damon, must solve complex problems to continue to survive. I highly recommend the book, if you haven't read it already. According to Savage, who has talked to NASA personnel about the book, the technology and math in the book are solid. It's easy to read and also very affordable at $6 - $16 depending on the version you want, Kindle to hardcover. If you enjoy reading this is a must read for the Summer.