Sitting here with a beer

I'm staring at it longingly. I'm wondering if I should crack the top.

I've already had two and just cracked the top for another one and decided to write a post. I just completed a 12 week weight loss challenge at work. I won because I lost 15 pounds. I did it by adjusting my diet. Mostly more protein. I wouldn't to do less beer. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. I'm still at 12-18 beers a week.

Since my last post I poured out more beer on two different occasions. I don't think that part is working as well as I hoped. My wife is starting to get a bit annoyed with me about wasting money like that. This is life though. We learn by failing. For me it's the urge to drink and I'm wondering if I need to feed that urge, but do it in moderation. I think I'm going to try to limit myself in the evenings. Instead of doing a whole six pack. Stick to two or three. Enjoy the beer a little more. Mindful drinking, as I like to call it. Right now I'm drinking a Sam Adams Helles. It's pretty good and perfect for warmer weather.

Also since my last post, I spoke with a friend who read my post. It resonated with him because he felt that same urge I feel. It was a good conversation and I was glad that I could talk about it with someone. Alcohol is a big part of our society. It's glorified on TV and used as an excuse to cut loose. Again, I don't want to stop alcohol all together. I just want to feel more under control.