Pictures from Astros Spring Training and BSides Nashville

I am currently in cruise control for the final two weeks at the University of South Carolina. At the end of the two weeks I will have my bachelors degree in Media Arts. What that means for me is that I can now check the box, "Yes" for applications that ask the question, "Do you have a degree." It also means that I have more time to focus on media and technology related projects. 

One of those projects is updating my website. To kick off that initative, I've uploaded the pictures from my trips to Astros Spring Training, in March, and BSides Nashville, in April to the photography section of my website.

Impressions from Bsides Nashville 2015

For the second year in a row, I traveled to Nashville this past weekend for it's local BSides security conference and like last year it was a wonderful conference to be apart of.


I took my camera again this year and I will have pictures from the conference before the end of the month is out. I've got school to wrap-up and several other things going on the next couple weeks. Time is very much at a premium for me right now, but I wanted to take a quick moment to highlight a couple of good things that happened at the conference.

First, I met several wonderful people this year, including: Amanda, Tim, Brett, Shelby, Frank, esSOBi, Adrian, and many many others. I also got to interact a little more with Lauren and Geoff and the rest of the BSides Nashville organizers this year, which was a treat. Putting together a security conference is a lot of work and they did a very good job again this year. I am already looking forward to next year.

The talks were again fantastic, though I didn't get to sit in as many as I did last year. A green track was added to the conference this year and it was completely packed for all the talks. There is a lot of interest in information security right now and there was proof in that track. I hope more security conferences, and in particular BSides, take note and start catering talks and content to people just starting out in security.

The one talk that stuck out to me the most was Johnny Xmas' "That's NOT my RJ45 Jack!: IRL Networking for Humans." The description is in the link and the talk is embedded below so I won't get into what makes the talk great. You'll just have to watch it. The one thing I will say is that this talk isn't just for security professionals. It's for professionals in general.

Watch it!

Almost forgot, the food was amazing again this year!

BSides Nashville video project


I will be traveling to Nashville, TN, to attend BSides this weekend. For the second year in a row I will be running around the conference taking pictures. I'll also be shooting video this year, as part of my final project for a cinematography course I'm doing.

The idea is that I want to show hackers in a more positive light via a documentary style. The project is only required to be a few minutes long, so I won't need a ton of footage. I would like to setup some interviews before hand with some people to ask them what the term, "hacker" means to them. I also want to setup some interactions to shoot highlight some of the words people use in their interview. For example, words like family or community, I can use shots of people hugging, high-fiving, etc. Curiosity and a desire to learn I can use lock picking and shots of people in talks.

This is going to be a very fluid thing so I'd love to get the interviews done, then move onto getting shots of the conference. If anyone would be willing to help me with either item, I would very much appreciate it. Email me at timothy.deblock[at]gmail[dot]com.