Schools Out For Summer Links May 6, 2014

Yesterday, I wrapped up my last final exams for the Spring semester. Here are some links that either helped me for studying or distracted me from studying.

Star Wars Episode VII Cast Announced - Scott Collura - IGN

The next Star Wars is due out December 18, 2015. The old cast will be joined by several new cast members. Unless you're really into Harry Potter or Attack The Block you probably won't immediately recognize many of the new cast members.

Understanding Reciprocity in Photography - Keith Trigwell - PictureCorrect

If you're into photography, one of the things you know, or should know, is reciprocity. It's something I picked up the gist on pretty quickly in class, but it's not an easy concept and can be confusing at times. This article did a pretty good job of explaining reciprocity.

A guy was attacked by a squirrel while attempting to take a selfie - Jonathan Corbett - Happy Place

Simply hilarious. After getting a selfie with the squirrel, the guy gets attacked by said squirrel. Luckily (for us) his mom was there to capture THAT moment.