InfoSec Links May 2, 2014

Skimmers put inside Pearland gas pumps to steal credit, debit card info - Jeff Ehling - ABC 13 Houston

Skimmers are, actually, being found inside of pumps instead of on the outside. Which almost sounds like something out of the movies. Bad guy walks up to pump in maintenance uniform inserts device, walks away. Movie or not, the best course of action here is to make sure you're using your credit card, not your debit card to pay for gas or anything else for that matter.

Heartbleed Over-Hype - Tyler Reguly - The State of Security

One of the challenges of the information security community is educating users on what vulnerability, virus, trojan, etc. mean to them. This article brings up some good points on the heartbleed virus and educating users overall.

Heartburn from heartbleed forces wide-ranging rethink in open source world - Seth Rosenblatt - CNet

This article discusses how we could do a better job in open source and vetting the tools better that we use on the internet. The Heartbleed bug resulted from a vulnerability in OpenSSL, which is maintained by volunteers. If that sounds weird, it should. Major corporations and websites are relying on a volunteer open source project to secure their transmissions on the internet. It's a good technical read for those of you interested.