Media arts internship January 14, 2015

Graphic creation and stuff

Tonight I continued my work on the countdown graphics, but also worked on some other graphics due to a trade the Houston Astros made today. The Astros acquired two players from the Atlanta Braves for three prospects. Once the trade was made I created some complementary graphics for our Facebook and Twitter pages. SB Nation would like to get more activity out of Facebook and a good way to do that is to post media content on the site. I made a couple memes that either commented on the trade

Or quoted some comments from the Astros general manager on the trade

We’ve gotten good responses to both posts so far. I was also able to find, via Twitter, a YouTube video of one of the Astros new players and posted it on the site.

I also coordinated a few things for our podcast. During the offseason we typically have a podcast every other week, during the season is weekly, but we’re going to make an exception this week because of the trade and because the week after is our Top 30 prospect special, which I also started coordinating what time people can be available. Back to this Sunday’s recording, I had to coordinate with my co-hosts to see if at least one of them is available for our usual Sunday recording.