How to organize an information security conference

Originally posted on July 2, 2015.

In the second edition of the Exploring Information Podcast (EIS) my infosec cohort Adam Twitty and I talk to Ed Rojas about how to put together an information security conference.

Ed Rojas (@EdgarR0jas) is a Master Consultant for HP Enterprise Security and the creator of Security Zone information security conference in Columbia and the organizer of the BSides Nashville security conference. I had the pleasure of attending BSides Nashville this year and got the opportunity to snap a few pictures. Ed was a very accommodating and passionate host for the event. 

In this interview Ed talks about:

  • The first step to organizing a security conference
  • The time and effort it requires
  • How to pick the right date
  • The biggest challenges putting together an event
  • Some of the mistakes that were made
  • Where to host the event