What is a SIEM?

In this most excellent edition of the Exploring Information Security podcast, I talk with Derek Thomas a senior information security analyst specializing in log management and SIEM on the topic of: "What is a SIEM?"

Derek (@dth0m) has a lot of experience with SIEM and can be found on Linkedin participating in discussions on the technology. I had the opportunity to hang out with Derek at DerbyCon in 2015 and I came away impressed with his knowledge of SIEM. He seemed to be very passionate about the subject and that showed in this interview.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How to pronounce SIEM
  • What is a SIEM
  • How to use a SIEM
  • The biggest challenge using a SIEM
  • How to tune the SIEM
  • Use cases, use cases, use cases.

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