What is the Security Culture Conference? - Part 2

In this relationship building episode of the Exploring Information Security podcast, I explore what is the Security Culture Conference in Oslo, Norway, June 14 - 15, 2015 with the creator of the Security Culture Framework Kai Roer.

Kai (@kairoer), is a speaker, trainer, consultant, and the creator of the Security Culture Framework (SCF). The framework deals with embedding a security mindset into the entire organization. It takes security awareness training to the next level by not only performing the training, but then measuring it's effectiveness. The Security Culture Conference is a result of that idea. It brings the brightest minds in security and gives them a platform to share ideas on the security culture in an organization. The conferences is June 14 - 15 in Oslo, Norway.

EIS listeners can get a discount on an admission ticket by entering promo code: PVCSEC

In part two we focus on the Security Culture Framework:

  • Why you should attend the conference
  • What was the motivation for the conference?
  • The type of content people can expect
  • The activities attendees can expect while attending the conference