What's happening at DerbyCon?

In this legacy edition of the Exploring Information Security podcast, Ben Miller (@securithid) , Cliff Smith (@BismithSalamandr) , Paul "BubbaSec" Coggin (@PaulCoggin) , Dave Chronister (@bagomojo), Sean Peterson (@SeanThePeterson), and Jimmy Byrd (@Jimmy_Byrd) (and briefly @aprilwright ) join me to talk security.

 This is likely the last podcast conference special of the year. It's a good one. We had quite the crew to record this one and got very in-depth and deep on topics related to infosec. Big shout out and thanks again to Dave for bringing the mics and participating in the podcast.

I've been pleasantly surprised with how this and the other podcasts have turned out. I've gotten some great feedback and I plan to do more of these in the future. It was also floated to me that we record one of these as a panel at one of the conferences. We'll see.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The legacy of DerbyCon and what the future holds.
  • What it's like at a developer conference?
  • Is there security fatigue?
  • Patch your shit.

Resource we discussed: