What is Converge and BSides Detroit?

In this Motor City edition of the Exploring Information Security podcast, Ryan Harp, Kyle Andrus, and Kate Vajda join me to discuss the conferences Converge and BSides Detroit.

Ryan (@th3b00st), Kyle (@chaoticflaws), and Kate (@vajkat) help put on one of the best conferences. Last year was my first year at the conference. I was not disappointed. They had a workshop on application security; a room set aside to get resume feedback; Ham radio exams; and much more. They also had three days of wonderful talks with some really great speakers. At lunch there are multiple treks to go grab a coney dog.

The call for papers is currently open. They're looking for speakers and to add more workshops this year. Tickets are also available now. Make sure to grab yours and I'll see you at Converge and BSides Detroit May 10-12.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How the conference got started.
  • Where the conference is at and what's new this year for the layout.
  • What's unique about the conference.
  • Coney dogs.