What's happening at Converge and Detroit BSides?


In this pile of an episode for the Exploring Information Security podcast, Johnny Xmas (@J0hnnyXm4s), Kate Vajda (@vajkat), Rachel Andrus, Kyle Andrus (@chaoticflaws), Daniel (not going to try spelling last name), Amanda Ebbutt, Daniel Ebbutt (@notdanielebbutt), Chris Maddalena (@cmaddalena), and myself get together to record a podcast during Converge and BSides Detroit.

It's another podcast special! This one was at Converge and BSides Detroit. This one took a little bit to get going. When we did we got into a little bit of everything. Topics both in infosec and topics outside of infosec.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Everyone tries Malort
  • The "breach" at Twitter
  • One size doesn't fit all for the populace
  • Real world issues (net neutrality, income, and public service)