How to implement GDPR - Part 2

In this 2k-like edition of the Exploring Information Security podcast, Stuart Scott AWS Content Lead at Cloud Academy and George Gerchow Chief Security Officer at Sumologic join me to discuss how to implement GDPR.

Stuart (@Stuart_A_Scott) and George (@georgegerchow) both have contributed content to CloudAcademy on GDPR. Stuart has a nine hour course on using AWS Compliance Enabling Services. George has a done a webinar and written an article on the topic. Both are well spoken and highly informed on the topic. They provide a lot of good direction for anyone looking to account for GDPR in their organization (pro tip: everyone should be looking into this).

In this episode we discuss:

  • How to implement GDPR in AWS
  • What are subject data rights?
  • How other regulations are impacted
  • What's ahead for GDPR

More resources: