In this battlefield edition of the Exploring Information Security podcast, Micah Hoffman joins me to discuss OSINT ORCS YOGA.

Micah (@WebBreacher), is a SANS Instructor and author of the SEC487 OSINT course. He recently had his second class in Denver, Colorado (more dates here). During that class he found people asking about how to navigate the waters of OSINT resources. His solution was to start the OSINT Resource Classification System (ORCS). It's a call for the OSINT community to standardize on how resources are categorized. YOGA or Your OSINT Graphical Analyzer is meant to be a visual aid for people looking to navigate the streets of OSINT resources.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How SANS SEC487 is coming along
  • What is YOGA?
  • What is ORCS?
  • Why is ORCS YOGA important?