State of the podcast for 2018

In this end of the year podcast, I discuss the state of the podcast for 2018 and what’s ahead for 2019.

2018 was a good year. I made some format changes that I’m really happy with. I picked up some new audio equipment. I resolved my recording process (I think). I’m not a big statistics guy. I don’t really care if two people or 200 people listen. I’m just happy to have some really great conversations with people and contribute back to the community.

2018 Statistics

Here’s a really interesting graph of my RSS Subscribers.

2019-01-03 20_26_15-Window.png

No, I don’t have 40,000 listeners. Some of that is inflated by other podcast directories ripping my feed. What I look for is a steady increase in subscribers, which did happen by the end of the year. Albeit with a weird dip in November (broken feed, maybe).

This is from iTunes Connect (Beta).

2019-01-03 20_28_11-Window.png

I can’t do a yearly review of podcast stats. Instead here’s the peek month of October for my iTunes listening habits. Looking through all the months, I can make some inferences about my audience. The hacking/red team content is the most popular. With a 25-28% consumption rate, the conference podcasts are turned off by most people before the end.

What’s ahead for 2019

I’ve got a new recording setup that will hopefully make producing a podcast much easier. I’ve setup a Twitch channel for gaming and potentially recording EIS episodes on. Follow for notifications on when I go live. I’ll be trying my first EIS episode Monday, January 7, 2019, at 8:30 p.m. CT. I’ve also turned what was my attempt at a GamerSec Discord channel into the Exploring Information Security channel. Here you can interact with us while record (or on Twitch). Join other people interesting in the podcast. Game with other infosec professionals.

Thank you for being a listener of the podcast. I am refreshed from my month off and energized for what’s ahead in 2019.