What is MS08-067?

In this artistic episode of the Exploring Information Security podcast, Mubix joins me to discuss MS08-067.

Mubix (@mubix), available at room362 and Hak5, joins me to discuss one of his favorite exploits: MS08-067. I invited Mubix on to talk about MS08-067 because of a tweet he retweeted. The tweet included a confession that a consultant used the MS08-067 vulnerability to break into a clients network. This vulnerability is really old and while not widespread it does pop-up from time-to-time. I was happy to discover that Mubix has a great appreciation for the exploit.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is MS08-067?
  • How long has it been around?
  • Why is it still around?
  • What name it would be given in today

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