How to find vulnerabilites

In this susceptible edition of the Exploring Information Security podcast, Samy Kamkar joins me to discuss how to find vulnerabilities.

Samy (@samykamkar) shouldn't need too much of an introduction to most people. He's been in the news for hacking garage doors, credit cards, cars, and much much more. Samy likes to hack things and has a knack for finding vulnerabilities in everything from locked machines to wireless doorbells. His site has the full list of vulnerabilities as well as videos and press appearances. Which made him the perfect guess for talking about how to find vulnerabilities.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What got him started in looking for vulnerabilities
  • What is a vulnerability
  • What skills are necessary for finding vulnerabilities
  • How he decides his next project
  • The steps to finding vulnerabilities
  • What he does when he discovers a vulnerability
  • How long the process takes