How to be a good mentee

In this studious edition of the Exploring Information Security podcast, Amanda Berlin and Wolfgang Goerlich join me to discuss how to be a good mentee.

After recording the How to find a mentor episode, Wolf (@jwgoerlich) suggested that I do a podcast on how to be a good mentee and to invite Amanda (@infoSystir) on to discuss. I thought this was a great idea. I've heard Amanda rant before about people who ask for advice but don't do anything with it. And that's the sad truth. She's given out advice and taken the time to write up a how to on networking and networking forensics (try it out and let her know), but has yet had a mentee follow through. This episode is meant to guide those looking for their start infosec, asking for advice, how to interact with a mentor.

Be sure to check out Amanda's new book Defensive Security Handbook. Also Converge and BSides Detroit, which Wolf helps run.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Who is a mentee
  • What makes someone a good mentee
  • Experience of being a mentee and mentoring someone
  • Examples of good mentees