What is BSides Indy?

In this circular edition of the Exploring Information Security podcast, Frank the Tank joins me to discuss BSides Indy.

Frank (@TheDevilsVoice) is the lead organizer of BSides Indy (@indybsides). I am excited to be traveling to the conference this year. I will be taking pictures and speaking at the event. I decided to have Frank on to talk about BSides Indy to gauge what type of BSides event I can expect. The theme I got from my chat with Frank is that it's a very laid back type of BSides with a lot of the usual events. They have some wonderful speakers. A lock pick village and a place for hacking Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Hack4Kidz for the little ones and a devious capture the flag (CTF) event. I am excited to go. Tickets are still available. General Admission is $15 for Saturday. Hack Harder (Friday workshops) and the Saturday talks are $30. If you're a student or broke tickets are free. See you there!

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is BSides Indy?
  • How the con got started
  • What makes this conference unique?
  • What is the one thing to do in Indy (Pork tenderloin sandwiches)